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Website Redesign



Visual Design


Redesigning Consumer Health Universe Web Experience For 2M+ Users.


Accessible from any media


User Research, Visual Design, Design Thinking


Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Meet, Paper & Pencil


Health Universe is a company who provides the necessary cloud infrastructure service for researchers, data scientists & physicians to create and share cutting-edge health AI apps. In the redesign of this website, we have set a goal to solve the problems and to make the website user friendly.

My Role

I led the design , user testing of this project from end to end. I collaborated with senior designer during the early ideation stage and the lead designer throughout the entire project.

Problem Statement

Today, over 90% of our users are using Health Universe. As per feedbacks received by our users, new features have to add in the website and better user flow for easy handling.

The Old Landing Page Is Outdated

The design language is not consistent with the modern day websites. The old landing page shows lack of data, all over the place, not convenient to the users. Most of the users are getting confused to understand from where to start.

Necessary Service Pages Are Not Available

Visitors are expected to see dedicated inner pages for separate offerings such as for Researchers, Hospitals or Pharma.

Goal Statement
Communicate Health Universe Proposition

To give clearer messaging so that the services could have scaled beyond expectations.

Drive Users To Sign In, Be A Dedicated Member

Today, over 90% of our users are relying Health Universe, but still there need to maintain our web presence for the remaining 10% users. Our goal is to convert users from sneak peak to our website to a dedicated member by Sign in , so that they enjoy a better experience.

Make A Healthy Community

The existing community is having kind of similar skillsets. There is a need for a community having broader varieties and different skillsets which can help each other to make the things better .

To Achieve This Vision, We Will Continue To:

1.   Expand our community of passionate developers, researchers, and healthcare professionals.
2.   Stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and integrate them into the platform.
3.   Foster an environment that encourages creativity, learning, and the sharing of knowledge.
4.   Cultivate partnerships with healthcare organizations, research institutions, and technology companies to broaden  our impact and reach.

Sketches & Ideation

At first, I started sketching some crazy ideas as per client needs only for homepage. Our focus at this stage is to diverge first, converge later. Later did some brainstorming on the inner pages of the website.

Lo-Fi Wireframes

This is how the early wireframes looked like. I mapped out the purpose of each section, aligning with our design principles. The primary goal is to flourish users with the website services and make them a valuable community member by signing in with as many numbers as possible.

Hi-Fi Wireframes

Here's the outcome after several iterations and we presented it to our client. We needed a design that is solid enough to kickstart the user test, so we can learn what people really think about the landing page. We fail fast, in order to learn faster.

User Testing

As we only got the opportunity to design this wonderful project, we couldn't be able to run the whole UX analysis by our own. We got some information regarding the results of user testing by our client and it came out pretty good.

Due to confidential purpose, I couldn't show the real data but here I am showing some relevance data to understand the user testing success.


Survey Results.png
Final Designs

Before the redesign, we had several meetings with our clients and then we decided to make some changes in the images for better understanding about the service provided by the company. Hence some new sections has been added up for necessity basis.

Here's a detailed walkthrough of what we improved post-testing.


Strong Banner and Hero Section
"You never get a second chance to make a good first impression"

A strong banner is the most important thing which can be seen throughout the home page. We've showcase familiar images that visitors instantly recognize, real metrics of how the service will look like. And a strong tagline which indicates direct approach of what our website is offering to the consumers.

Clear section to justify why to sign in 
"People will understand better if you demonstrate better"

Though the experience is digital, we want our visitors to feel like we are engaging in a human conversation. They should have the direct and clear understanding of what they are doing and why they need to sign in and after that how this will make their lives easier.

Brand New Sections added
"Every visitor deserves a personalized experience"

Discover our refreshed look, tailored to cater to diverse consumer needs. Explore added pages, each meticulously designed for specific audiences. Dive in and find a space just for you, because every visitor deserves a personalized experience.

Future Steps

Here are our future plans for the homepage.


Continue To Convert Visitors To Sign In And Be A Member
Looking ahead, we're laying the groundwork for a more connected and interactive community. By signing in and becoming a member, you'll be at the forefront of all the innovations we're planning. Stay tuned for enhancements, exclusive member benefits, and a world of new possibilities on our platform.
To Maintain And Update The Home Page
In our roadmap for the future, we are committed to making our homepage a dynamic gateway. Expect regular updates with fresher visuals, streamlined content, and more intuitive user journeys. We're exploring cutting-edge tech integrations and interactive features to ensure our homepage isn't just a starting point with an evolving experience.

I really enjoyed the process from ideation, visual design, meetings to development of this project. Couldn't have done so without the amazing team!

Thank you for reading through! Hope you enjoyed learning about my design and thought process. :)

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