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Mobile App Design


Empower The Green Journeys By Seamlessly Futuristic Charging Infrastructure To Prioritize Eco-system.


Accessible from android & IOS


UX Analysis, Design Process, Visual Design, Design Thinking


Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Meet, Paper & Pencil


The idea behind this mobile app is to create a seamless and user-friendly platform that addresses the growing need for accessible electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In a world of transitioning towards sustainable transportation, this app will serve as the go-to-solution for EV owners and enthusiats.

My Role

Me and my team designed this app using clean architecture principles and made sure to use the design principle guidelines properly. I have made sure the UX and UI both experience should came out smoothly.

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Problem Statement
Reliable Infrastructure
The transition to electric vehicles are hindered by the lack of accessible and reliable charging infrastructure.

Seamless Facility
Additionally, businesses and municipalities lack a centralized platform to effectively communicate the availability of their charging facilities.

Compatiable Choice
EV owners often struggle to find compatible and available charging stations, leading to range anxiety & inconvenience.

User-Friendly Approach
As the number of electric vehicles are growing day by day, the new challenges arise in developing user-friendly software that would be accessible and understandable for users.

To Achieve This Vision, We Will Make This App
1. Offer a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to address the challenges faced by electric vehicle owners.
2. Through this app, EV owners gain access to a detailed database of charging stations, allowing them to easily locate compatible and available facilities, thereby reducing range anxiety.
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The ability to understand someone else's feelings or thoughts in a situation.


The 5 WS And H
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Who is experiencing the problem? Electric vehicle (EV) owners or drivers


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Where is the user when they're using this?

At home, at work, on the road, on a trip or at an emergency.


pic 5.png

What are the pain points ?

Need of convenient and accessible charging stations for their vehicles.


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When does the problem occur?

The battery is low, planning for a trip, low internet connectivity or exploring new areas.

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Why is the problem important so much ?

Because promoting sustainable transportation, supporting infrastructure growth and reducing environmental impact.

How Are Users Reaching Their Goals By Using The Product?

Anxiety While Travelling

Users experience reduced anxiety about searching for a charging station or availability of that station.

Trip Planning

Users can input their destination and receive a list of available charging stations along with the route and its availability and info.

Cost Transparency

Enabling users to make informed decisions about where to charge based on their budget and their requirement.

Competitive Analysis

Here is an overview of strength and weakness of the direct and indirect competitors in the market. This competitive analysis based on 4 competitors to take a deep dive into the market on how every competitor describes themselves in the industry. Also, it helped to identify potential opportunities where to outperform them.


Competitor analysis.png
Quantitative Research

After several surveys and interviews, we have gathered some data that gathered by counting or mesauring.


Quantiative research.png
Qualitative Research

This research study based on the observations about why and how things happen.


Through surveys, interviews and usability study the app gained valuable insights into user preferences, behaviors, and pain points related to electric vehicle charging. This research informed the app's interface design, feature prioritization and overall usability improvements.


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Mr. Gunasekaran
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Age :



Status :



Education :

B.E. Mech


Occupation :

Bakery Owner


He is a successful businessman in the bakery industry. He is married with two boys. He enjoys spending time with his family and pet.


Understanding Target Audience By User Persona

By embodying the user's perspective, personas foster empathy among design teams, leading to solutions that are more intuitive, effective and aligned with user expectations.


"  Savings is the foundation of financial stability while kindness is the foundation of human relationship, a clear environmental is the foundation of  our planet."
  • No place to rest while the vehicle charges.

  • Chargers have problem in the charging station.

  • Uncertainty about charger availability at charging stations.

  • Lack of knowledge regarding charging station availability beforehand.


Goals & Motivations
  • I aspire to explore new destinations during holidays.

  • Finding EV Charging stations in an easy way.

  • Maintain a pollution free environment and work with good people.


Needs From The Platform
  • Easy & intuitive functionality to find nearby EV charging station and info.

  • Simple and easy payment facility without any hassle.


Empathy Map
What He Says
What He Thinks

This empathy map helps to give better understanding of users by capturing their thoughts, feelings, and needs which can lead to more user-centered and effective design decisions.


  • Not sure all stations have my vehicle connector type.

  • I don't now about new station in my area.

  • I will try a experience of new stations.

  • Need more charging stations.

  • I enjoy my EV vehicle while driving.

  • I would love a way to book some station consistently.

  • Can I go with portable charger.

  • More to pay for booking.

  • Booking available in near station.

  • How much to pay for full charge for my vehicle.

  • Electric vehicle have a future.

What He Does
  • Go to shopping regularly for bakery shop thinks.

  • Only using google map for finding charging station.

  • If charging station is full I had to return to shop.

What he Thinks & Feels
  • Anxiety about running out of charge on longer journeys.

  • Excitement about contributing to cleaner environment.

  • Enjoyment of the quiet & smooth driving experience of an electric vehicle.

Affinity Mapping

Affinity mapping helps to organize and prioritize user insights and feedback for more effective decision making & design improvements.

Pic 16.jpg
Affinity Map.png
Information Architecture

Information architecture organize content and data in a logical and user friendly manner, making it easier for users to find what they need and navigate a digital environment effectively.

Information Architecture.png
Mid-Fi Screen Flow

Dive into the functional core of the design process through the mid-fidelity prototype, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the evolving user interface and key interactive features.

Mid-Fi wireframe.PNG
Usability Testing

Task 1: Ask User to search for a nearby charging station.

Task 2: Ask User to use the filter option available there.

Task 3: Ask User to choose their desired charger.

Task 4: Ask User to scan the dummy QR charging station code.

Task 5: Ask User to book a slot for charging station.

Task 6: Ask User to scan the dummy QR charging station code.

Task 7: Ask User to book a slot for charging station.

Final User Flow

User Flows are crucial in UX to map out the logical paths users take through a product or website, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.

User Flow.png

In the realm of typography, Poppins stands as a testament to the perfect blend of modernity & timeless elegance. This font is more than just letters on a screen. It is a symphony of curves and edges meticulously crafted to captive your audience. Poppins display speaks a language of confidence & sophistication.

Typaface 2.png

Colors in UX/UI design are more than a visual delight; they're a powerful language, conveying emotions, guiding navigation, and enhancing user experience. Green is often associated with environmental sustainability and eco-friendliness which is suitable for this project.

Final Design

Experience the culmination of meticulous design refinement with the final prototype, where every pixel and interaction has been meticulously crafted to deliver a polished and user-centric interface.

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I really enjoyed the process from ideation, visual design, meetings to development of this project. Couldn't have done so without the amazing team!

Thank you for reading through! Hope you enjoyed learning about my design and thought process. :)

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