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Website Design

All In One Platform For Managing Urgent Services i.e, Plumbing Or Getting Quote For An Electrician Etc.


Accessible from any media, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet etc


UI Design, Responsive Design, Quality Assurance


Figma, Photoshop, Google Meet, Paper & Pencil

Unfortunately due to confidentiality purpose I am not able to use the actual Logo of the company. So, for better understanding and nice visual design, I am using a dummy logo.


Preasy is a comprehensive UX/UI design project tailored for professionals in trades industries, including electricians, plumbers, and moving companies. The project aims to provide a seamless digital experience for both website and mobile platforms, enhancing the way tradespeople manage and grow their businesses.

My Role

Me and my team designed this website using clean architecture principles. I have made sure the UX and UI both experience should came out smoothly.

3rd Pic.jpg
Key Objectives
Streamlined User Experience

Develop an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies complex workflows, allowing trades professionals to navigate the platform with ease.

Responsive Design

Ensure a consistent and engaging experience across devices, optimizing the platform for both desktop and mobile users.

Business-Centric Design

Focus on enhancing business operations by incorporating features that support scheduling, client management, and efficient communication to drive overall productivity.

Visual Identity

Craft a visually appealing design that reflects the professionalism of trades industries while maintaining a modern and approachable aesthetic.

Goal Statement

The final product should be is a sophisticated and user-centric digital platform that empowers tradespeople to manage their operations efficiently while presenting a polished image to potential clients. Preasy sets a new standard for digital experiences in trades industries, fostering growth and success for businesses in the modern age.

4th pic.jpg
Age :


 Occupation :

Marketing Manager

Tech Proficiency :

High; comfortable with apps

Bio :

Sarah needs to find a plumber urgently to fix a leak in her bathroom. She opens This platform on her mobile device, enters her location and the service she needs, and quickly finds a highly-rated plumber nearby. She reviews the plumber's profile, sees positive customer feedback, and books the service with a few taps. The platform sends her real-time updates on plumber.

Understanding Target Audience By User Persona

By embodying the user's perspective, personas foster empathy among design teams, leading to solutions that are more intuitive, effective, and aligned with user expectations.

  • Frustrated with the time-consuming process of finding and contacting service professionals.

  • Has had negative experiences with unreliable or unprofessional contractors.

  • Values convenience and efficiency in the service hiring process.

Goals and Motivations
  • Quickly find and hire reliable utility service professionals.

  • Save time on searching and scheduling services.

  • Ensure the safety and quality of work from hired professionals.

Needs from the Platform
  • Easy and intuitive search functionality to find local plumbers, electricians, locksmith etc.

  • Detailed profiles of service professionals with ratings and reviews.

  • Real-time communication with hired professionals for updates and clarifications.

5th Pic.png
Empathy Map
What She Sees
  • An interface displaying service professionals with ratings and reviews.

  • Clear and intuitive search functionality to find any local locksmith, electricians easily.

What She Says & Does
  • Expresses frustration with traditional methods of finding and hiring service professionals.

  • Actively engages with profile, browsing profiles, reading reviews, and making quick decisions to book services.

Pain Points 
  • Wasting time on unreliable service providers, concerns about the quality of work.

What She Hears
  • Positive reviews and recommendations from friends or colleagues who have successfully used the platform.

  • Notifications and alerts from the app providing real-time updates on service professionals' availability.

What She Thinks & Feels
  • Thinks about saving time and avoiding the stress of unreliable service providers.

  • Feels reassured and confident in her choice when she sees high ratings and positive feedback on a service professional's profile.

  • Saves time, experiences convenience, and gains peace of mind through the app's reliability and transparency.

Information Architecture

One of the most Important steps in designing is structuring and managing content to mitigate the cognitive load of the user.

Information Architecture.png
Color Palette And Font

The color palette, inspired by a harmonious blend of cool blues and energetic greens, reflects a sense of reliability and freshness. It establishes a visual identity for the Preasy platform, instilling trust and a connection with users seeking dependable utility services. Employing poppins font with clean lines and readability, the typography enhances the platform's aesthetic appeal while prioritizing clear communication.


Primary Colors

Mostly used for buttons and UI elements such as illustrations to catch user's attention.

Secondary Colors

Dark shades used for text to provides good readability & visual harmony within overall design. 


Poppins, the chosen font for this project, exudes a perfect balance of modernity and readability. With its clean, rounded letterforms, Poppins adds a touch of sophistication to the user interface, ensuring a harmonious blend of contemporary design and user-friendly aesthetics in every interaction


Color palette and fonts.png
2nd Pic.png
Final Design

The Homepage welcomes user with enticing visuals and easy navigation to explore all the services provided and learn more about the other sections such as blogs, urgent requirement of a service etc.


Portfolio homepage 1.png
Portfolio Dropdown Menu.png
Dropdown Menu

The dropdown menu on the website seamlessly unveils a visual feast, akin to unfolding layers of a carefully curated gallery which is unveiling a picturesque journey through services and features that captures the essence of the platform at a glance


Portfolio Quote A service.png
Quote A service

The 'Quote a Service' feature acts as the digital gateway to personalized solutions, empowering users to articulate their needs effortlessly. Seamlessly integrated into the platform, this tool transforms user input into tailored service quotes, providing a dynamic and user-centric avenue for connecting with skilled professionals


Featured Blog Posts & Urgent Quote Pages

The 'Featured Blog Posts' section enriches user engagement by offering insightful content, seamlessly blending informative articles and visually appealing design to create an immersive reading experience. Meanwhile, the 'Urgent Quote' feature ensures prompt attention to critical service requests, providing users with a swift and efficient avenue to address immediate needs, showcasing the platform's commitment to responsive customer service.


Featured Blogs.png
Urgent Quote & Contact Us.png
Future Steps

Here are our future plans for the homepage.


Continue To Convert Visitors To Sign In And Be A Member
Looking ahead, we're laying the groundwork for a more connected and interactive community. By signing in and becoming a member, you'll be at the forefront of all the innovations we're planning. Stay tuned for enhancements, exclusive member benefits, and a world of new possibilities on our platform.
To Maintain And Update The Home Page
In our roadmap for the future, we are committed to making our homepage a dynamic gateway. Expect regular updates with fresher visuals, streamlined content, and more intuitive user journeys. We're exploring cutting-edge tech integrations and interactive features to ensure our homepage isn't just a starting point with an evolving experience.

I really enjoyed the process from ideation, visual design, meetings to development of this project. Couldn't have done so without the amazing team!

Thank you for reading through! Hope you enjoyed learning about my design and thought process. :)

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