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Mobile App



Visual Design


Unveils The Advanced Mobile Application For Send, Receive, Exchange Crypto Currencies.


Accessible from android & IOS


UI Design, Visual Design, Design Thinking


Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Meet, Paper & Pencil

Unfortunately due to confidentiality purpose I am not able to use the actual Logo of the company. So, for better understanding and nice visual design, I am using a dummy logo.


This mobile app and its infrastructure provider for the cryptocurrency industry with a range of different crypto currencies includes the largest digital asset trading exchange by volume.

My Role

Me and my team designed this app using clean architecture principles. I have made sure the UX and UI both experience should came out smoothly.

2nd pic.png
3rd pic.png
Goal Statement
A Whole New Approach
During designing this mobile app, we have focused on creating responsive layouts that seamlessly adapted to diverse screen sizes and orientations. By incorporating platform-specific design components, fonts, and icons, we tailored the user experience across devices.
To Achieve This Vision, We Have Added Features Like
Responsive Layout & Viewport
Implemented adaptive layouts and responsive design methods based on screen sizes & orientations.

Responsive & Engaging Widgets

Implemented flexible and expanded widgets, such as flexible, expanded, and spacer to ensure proper content distribution to adapt font sizes and spacing for different screen sizes.


Platform Specific Configurations
Utilized platform specific widgets to achieve a native look on iOS and Android. Customized fonts, icons, and visual elements according to platform design recommendations.
User Accessibility

Tested this app with screen readers and other accessibility tools to ensure that all UI components are properly labeled and navigable.


4th pic.png
Information Architecture.png
Onboarding Screens

The onboarding screens for send app was carefully designed to guide users effortlessly into its features. Through a series of interactive screens, users were introduced to key functionalities, ensuring a smooth and engaging introduction to app's capabilities.


5th pic.png

Prototypes serve as a visual representation of the product, allowing designers and stakeholders to assess its usability and make necessary adjustments before investing resources into full-scale development.


Authorization & Registration

By offering the option to sign in via phone number, we have prioritized user convenience and security. This approach not only streamlined the onboarding experience but also added an extra layer of authentication, enhancing overall account protection.

Portfolio 8th pic.jpg
Portfolio 9th pic.jpg
Design Process
Research And Analysis
Defined Project scope, objectives and outlined a clear roadmap for the development process. Conducted in-depth market analysis and user needs assessment to refine app features.

Rigorously tested the app's functionalities, usability and security, addressing any bugs or issues for a smooth user experience.

UI Design
Created a modern and user centric UI/UX design, incorporating adaptive layouts and interactive elements for an engaging experience.
Presented showcase of the app's features, design choices, and development process, effectively communicating its value proposition.
Wallet Screens

The wallet screens reflects deposit and withdraw options with the actual data on the assets that the user can be used. These are all crypto assets. Also there is a search and filter option available.

Portfolio 17th pic.png
Portfolio 16th pic.png
Font & colors.png
All extra screens.png

I really enjoyed the process from ideation, visual design, meetings to development of this project. Couldn't have done so without the amazing team!

Thank you for reading through! Hope you enjoyed learning about my design and thought process. :)
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