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User Research

Enhancing YouTube Experience - Enabling Users To Be More Productive, More Efficient YouTube Review Tool For Reviewers For Safe Browsing.


Enhancing YouTube Platform (Client: YouTube)


Support Designer & UX Researcher


2020 - 2022

I had the opportunity to work with the “YouTube” team for last two years( 2020 - 2022). giving me the chance to work and learn hands-on with senior designers in Silicon Valley. Unfortunately due to confidentiality purpose I can't show my work publicly.
Please contact me for an interview to discuss our process and outcomes.


For the past three years, I had the privilege of working on an exciting project in collaboration with YouTube while employed at Wipro. My role as a Support Designer and UX Researcher allowed me to contribute to enhancing the YouTube platform's functionality and user experience. While I am bound by a non-disclosure agreement that prevents me from sharing specific details, I can provide a broad overview of my contributions and responsibilities during this engagement.


As a Support Designer and UX Researcher, my responsibilities encompassed the following:

User Research

I conducted extensive user research, including surveys, interviews, and usability testing, to gain deep insights into user behaviors, preferences, and pain points on the YouTube platform. This research formed the foundation for our design and development efforts.

Collaborative Design

I collaborated closely with the YouTube team to translate user insights into actionable design improvements. Working alongside product managers, developers, and other stakeholders, I played a pivotal role in defining user stories and design requirements.

Usability Testing

I planned and executed usability testing sessions to evaluate the effectiveness of new features and designs. User feedback from these tests helped us refine and optimize the user experience continually.


Using tools like Figma and Adobe XD, I created interactive prototypes to visualize and communicate design concepts effectively. These prototypes played a crucial role in conveying our proposed changes to the YouTube team.

User Support Optimization

I contributed to enhancing the user support experience on YouTube, ensuring that users received the assistance they needed promptly and efficiently. This involved refining support workflows and interfaces.


While I cannot disclose specific metrics or outcomes due to the company confidentiality issue, I am proud of the impact our work had on improving the YouTube platform's usability, user satisfaction, and support efficiency. Our collaborative efforts led to a more user-centric and seamless experience for millions of YouTube users.


My experience working on the YouTube project at Wipro allowed me to develop a deep understanding of UX research, support design, and collaboration with a global tech giant. Although I can't share detailed project specifics, I am excited to leverage the skills and insights gained from this experience to contribute to future UX/UI projects and continue enhancing digital experiences for users.

Thank you for reading through! Hope you enjoyed learning about my design and thought process. :)

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